From glamorous furnishings carved in Veneto factories to hand-blown glass chandeliers made by Murano artisans, to luxurious bed linens sewn in Tuscany, Conarte is an exclusive source for made-in-Italy home furnishings.

Serving interior designers in the US and Canada, Conarte is a curator and importer of custom luxury Italian furnishings and décor.

Acting as a bridge between the North American designer community and time-honored Italian craftsmen and women, Conarte makes it possible for otherwise inaccessible decorative masterpieces to grace the finest American homes.

Conarte has the inside track, a deep understanding and warm partnerships with the most sought-after Italian sources of:

  • Bedroom, dining and occasional furniture, along with accent and dining chairs.
  • Venetian Mirrors made on the famous island of Murano by fourth and fifth generation artisans.
  • Blown-glass lighting including chandeliers, sconces, pendants, lamps and accent pieces.
  • Machine-washable luxury cotton bed and bath linens and comforters in 270 colors customized with embroidery and monograms.
  • Home textiles offered in cut yardage, pillows and purses from one of the world’s most ancient weavers of cotton and silk, linens and velvets.
  • Decorative tabletop accessories from vases to drinkware to sculptures.

In a range of styles including timeless classics, romantic architectural pieces and clean modern items, everything is custom made to order with your choice of finishes, colors, fabrics, materials, shapes and sizes.

Best of all, production time from our vendors is 30 to 60 days from order placement.

The finest quality and spectrum of looks made by time honored Italian craftsmen – in solid wood, in blown glass, in finest bed and table linens. In styles of everlasting traditional, romantic classic, rustic or the clean lines of modern, it is available in North America by a distributor, CONARTE AMERICA.

Italian furnishings, fashion and style enjoy a high international reputation. Located in Veneto, the historical center of Italian home furnishings, and in Tuscany, the world famous finest linens production area, our partners have been offering quality products for the home for many years. Aesthetics and craftsmanship are values that are dear to the core of the Italian manufacturer. The lasting quality of family owned companies is a testament to the Italian artisans that take such pride in their works.

From the Italian craftsman’s table to the beautiful homes that grace America…We are ConArte!